Our Services

The love experts may have varied opinions regarding how to maintain both short and long distance relationships. However, given the digital world that we are living in, the distance concerns can easily be averted. Nevertheless, the period of time such relationships are maintained would rest on the commitments of relevant parties involved. Which is why in Ridzria, the first commitment that we makes towards you is to maintain a long term relationship.

Our collaboration with you includes providing expert insights that covers technical to consultative advices. Categorically, our services includes:-

  • Web Development
  • 3D Graphics & Animation
  • Web Applications
  • Desktop Application
  • Networking & Computing
  • Consultation Services
  • Standardizations

Ridzria’s text processing technologies enable automatic categorization of documents, profiling of users and routing of documents to users based on their individual profiles’ area of interest. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) system based interacting and learning between the system and the user is a greatest achievement of our company which we use in the area of science, research, Bio-medical, Bio-Technology and many more. You name it and we provide the solution for it.

With our experienced and valued partners in many countries we can achieve anything. You name it and Ridzria® will do it.

Web Development

We have expertise who have several years of experience in web development gives our customer a great look and feel for their websites. We listen to the requirements of the customer and we sit and interact with them and get our full attentions towards what their goal is and we development in accordance to the requirement. Our experts who has abundance knowledge in the area of technologies such as CGI, PERL, PHP, wordpress, drupal and also designed and interactive based website in Adobe Flash are developed in reasonable and economically to satisfy our customers.

3D Graphics & Animation

We do 3D graphics modeling, rendering and animation. We work for commercials and web graphics as well. Our expertise have a strong background experience in the field of Computer Graphics. You can check out the screenshot of some of the graphics modeling and animation by visiting our portfolio page.

Web Applications

We adjacent to web development, we also concentrate on web based application for hospitals, institutions, schools and companies. These applications are developed with our talented developers who spend their time in analyze, design and implement. We hear on what our customers say and we throw them back a great package, which can be installed on their computers and the application can run through Internet (we host their files) or Intranet (by means of their own server) without any additional cost for buying any sort of hardware. All you need is an existing browser to run these web based application.

Desktop Application

Ridzria takes full control of developing any type of desktop applications. We customize the application according to their customers requirement. Some of the existing Applications comes in a package whereby the customer won’t be needing everything what they are looking for. But with our customized Application they can achieve what they are looking for. We interact with our customer during the development process quite often to get to know if there is any customization in the particular module and our experts will perform a great task to deliver satisfactory desktop applications.

Networking & Computing

Customers who uses our web development or web applications may in need of hosting their files. We help them to host their files in our server. We have web hosting partners who have many years of experiences in this field gives our customer a great support with fastest reliable servers, dedicated computers depends on the users’ requirements and also we assure protection of our customer’s applications with greatest security and trust. We also do installation of computers and networking infrastructure for companies. For more details please email us and tell your requirements and we will give you a great solution.

Consultation Services

Covers both aspects of business as well as technology consulting. We focus on advising you on how best to use our core technologies to meet your business objectives. We believe, in making you understand and differentiate between your needs and your wants. This will allow you to prioritize which issues need to be dealt with immediately or later so as to have the desired impact to your organization’s bottom line.


If you are opening a new company and looking for somebody to standardize forms, letter heads, company logo and what ever your needs then you may tell us and we will help you Standardize your company’s need.

Services Time Calculation

The amount of time taken for each services by Our development and design team is calculated in Percentage.

These various services takes ample amount of time for each expertise. So our team take considerable amount of time for various services that we provide.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please email us at enquiries@ridzria.com

  • Web Development 95%
  • 3D Graphics & Animation 80%
  • Web & Desktop Applications 90%
  • Other Services 75%