3D Victorian House

3D Victorian House

Modeling of an old style Victorian type of house.

Idea provided by our Creative Consultant Mr. Jim Sauerland. Reference image used based on his house model.

Modeling: Autodesk Maya 2011

Rendering: Maya Mental Ray

Texture: Adobe Photoshop CS5

Final Composition: Adobe After Effects CS5

Work Flow

1.     Modeling the house using polygon primitives

2.     UV Planar Mapping is used through all the orthographical view to lay down the map for texturing purpose.

3.     Texture mapping using 2048 x 2048 size map using Photoshop.

4.     Applied texture then use to create the masterpiece.

5.     Background image is taken from some free resources.

Side Render with Mental Ray

Render Front View using Mental Ray


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February 14, 2011

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