3D Media Set Design

3D Media Set Design

Created a 3D media set in Maya 2011.


1. Modeled all the basic and complex models in Maya 2011.

2. Added 3 point lights, 2 area lights and 1 directional light to lit up the environment.

3. Shadow casting is done using simple Depth Map Shadow technique instead on Mental Ray Shadow cast due to the time constraint.

4. With the production quality and at 720p resolution the scene is rendered using Batch Render.

5. The animation is done to pan and zoom the camera movement inside the room set.

6. At 24fps the animation of camera movement takes 4 seconds (72 frames).

7. It took 1 hour and 38 mins to the complete rendering process.

All together the whole project took 3 days.


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June 8, 2011