With our experts in all the field of computing and research we have developed several applications such as Inventory Control System (ICS), Product Management System and many web applications for our clients. However, we have 2 major core products that we developed over the years with our leading software team.

We carefully did the analysis and research and produced our 2 core products. Oculars® is an IP Video Management System or in short Surveillance System Software and PROPOLIS is an Intelligence Information retrieval solution is basically a research tool. The details of each product is shown below.

We are currently in the development phase of the Halal Verification Engine aka Halbase using our core product PROPOLIS. For more information about Halbase, please visit the official Halbase website at www.halbase.com



Oculars IP Surveillance System

The market for cameras capable of transmitting images over the Internet has entered the growth stage. IP cameras, also known as Internet cameras, network cameras or Internet video cameras, transmit live video images that can be viewed remotely on a computer or Internet-capable cell phone. Relatively low cost and easy to install, network cameras are being used increasingly in the homes, office, factories, schools etc for real-time monitoring, surveillance and security.

Ridzria® Oculars® fulfills the requirements of a video management software that is able to retrieve and manage images feeds derived from the (network) cameras. Oculars is currently designed to work with Axis Communication network cameras.

Oculars emphasizes on the usability of the surveillance software or the technically specific term; the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) aspect of video management. Oculars focus on HCI is to allow security guards, business & home owners, school patrons etc with minimal ICT backgrounds to be able to manage network camera software solutions for surveillance and thus allowing the enforcement authorities to focus sublime intelligence and guarding key installations of cities in a country.

Want to know more or view a demo of Oculars ? Email us at enquiries@ridzria.com or click here to visit the official website.

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The Personalized Information System (PROPOLIS) is an intelligent information retrieval system developed for research intensive communities and organizations that deal with high volume of documents.

With PROPOLIS’s categorization engine, researchers do not need to categorize the documents manually. If categorizations are left to researchers, ambiguities would set in and there would be a thesaurus of terms reflecting to the same term within a document. For example; a researcher attempting to categorize a document about “diamonds” could categorize the document as “gems” or “precious stones”. Such situation arises because every individuals associates things differently.

The user profiling engine derives the users’ profiles based on the users’ reference papers (used in the research), white papers written by the users themselves profile that the user key into PROPOLIS that includes the users’ background, research interests, area of focus etc.

Once the users’ profiles have been understood and the documents categorized, PROPOLIS match the users’ profiles to appropriate categories/documents. This matching mechanism means that users do not need to search for the documents themselves.

However, given the complexities in research, PROPOLIS equips itself with a search engine and visualization technologies that allow the user to visually navigate through the existing categories that reflect a particular domain knowledge.

Users will find PROPOLIS as an ideal research tool as PROPOLIS keeps on improving its returned results as users refines his or her profile.

Want to know more or view a demo of PROPOLIS ? Email us at info@ridzria.com


Halbase is made up of a team of halal consultants and software developers. Halbase is a Halal Ingredients Verification Engine which is used for Verification services, System integration of our Halal system to your in-house platform, Licensing of our Halal system and Ingredients testing.

Halbase has created a specialized web based application to assists both the F&B industry and academia in identifying halal ingredients and products.

The Halbase application is suited for both R&D and product development stage.

The Halbase application is intended to speed the halal verification process.

Want to know more about Halbase? Email us at contact@halbase.com