Software Development

Customized Software Development for businesses such as medical sectors, industrial, business application etc.

Graphics Design

Breath taking motion graphics, logos and UI/UX design are done according to customer’s satisfaction.

Web Development

Website development and web application are developed and integrate with the website. UI/UX design in a neat manner.

Our Story

Ridzria Research & Technology Sdn Bhd a.k.a Ridzria® is a software development company which was established in 2004 in Singapore and later on expanded in Malaysia since 2008 and incorporated in 2009. We have partners in many countries and we work with them over the years to have a great achievement in the industry of software technologies. Ridzria gives the customers a satisfactory needs and always listen to the customers needs and requirements.

Our business’ primary focus is to develop customized software for our valuable customers. We provide intelligent information retrieval solutions. Our unique solution is derived based on our assessment of existing issues that are faced by students or information workers in their pursuit to search, gather, classify and ultimately; comprehend relevant information. We have leading team of Software developers, Analyst and also our company’s ideas and innovation consulted by a leading American who is the Creative consultant providing us the great look and feel in all the software that we develop.

We have several products which were entirely designed and developed by our expert team in the area of data mining, research tools, categorization engine, surveillance system and many more.

Ridzria has a big network of Engineers, Analysts, Research experts and mentors whom lead us to achieve our goals during our expansion of ideas and in the process of development and implementations. We have a great software development teams in various fields who have experience in developing software for decades. As our primary focus in customization of existing software or build everything from scratch, we would like to deliver the requirement with great focus and concentration.

Though we concentrate majorily on customized software for various applications need, we also developed 2 core products over the years with the help our Engineers who has great intellectual minds and ability to do any task and provide a great solution to satisfy our customers. The detail of those 2 core products are listed under the Product page and we are pleased to invite you to take a look at it and tell us what do you think and also if you are interested in buying our products, please call us or drop us an email so we can give you more information in this regards.

Now we would like to thank you all for taking the time to know more about us and we are hoping to have a chance to help us build your requirments. Once again we are really looking forward to hear from you.

Siti Ridzwana

CEO/Managing Director

Our CEO don’t like just talk but she like things in action. She always expect 100% assurance on every aspect of projects that we handle.

Riaz Mohideen


Our CTO like to go into the open road to explore the things from different angle. He make sure everything in order.

Haja Maideen


Our CAO always like to explore beyond boundaries and he likes to take things into control and do the perfect deliverance.

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